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Becoming a Member to the Club Náutico del Pacífico brings many benefits. The most important thing is that supports the Mission of the Club  allowing Sailing to be accessible and affordable to the entire community.

The Club contains one of the most active communities in the promotion and promotion of Sailing in Colombia.

If you live near Lake Calima, which offers the best possible natural setting for practicing sailing in all its forms, then not enjoying these healthy outdoor recreation activities would be to miss out a magnificent opportunity.

The Club Náutico del Pacífico has recently been referred to as one of the "pillars of Sailing in Colombia".


Membership to the Club Náutico del Pacífico includes:

• Unlimited use of our one-person Sailboats (Optimist, Sunfish and Laser), Surfboards, Kayaks and Rowing Boards (SUP), WITHOUT PAYMENTS FOR RENTAL.

• The Albatros Sailing School Classes will have a special discount (25% permanently).

• Members will teach new Members, sharing their experience and knowledge in Sailing.

• Support to our Community for young people with limited economic needs and environments.

• Free registration in our "Pacific Quarterly Regattas" Series.

• Free Wifi on site.

• A very nice place to relax and enjoy the camaraderie of other sailors.




  TYPE                     AGE                          ANNUAL                   BIANNUAL                       1 DAY OF

                                                                                                               ( 6 MONTHS OR LESS )                      TEST

 Academic          Required ID                       $ 600,000                   $ 400,000                       $ 100,000        

  Adult                          25+                            $ 1,200,000                   $ 750,000                       $ 250,000

  Senior                         65+                             $ 780,000                    $ 450,000                       $ 150,000            

  Family                 2 adults                       $ 1´500,000

                    & 2 of your children



These prices include an Activation Fee of $ 250,000 which it is necessary to cancel again in case of expiration of the Membership.



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