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It is one of the largest artificial lakes in Colombia, with 13 kilometers long by 1.5 kilometers wide and an area of ​​68.6 square kilometers. It is located in the vicinity of the municipality of Darién and has become the best place to enjoy the thrills of water sports and recreational activities. Around it are vacation centers, camping areas and restaurants, which is why it is visited by national and international tourists. It is known throughout the world for its excellent weather and wind conditions throughout the year: Fabulous for regattas and all outdoor sports.



Founded in April 2012 with the firm intention of Promoting, Encouraging and Supporting the Sport of Sailing, serving the local and regional Community, the Club Náutico del Pacífico offers this possibility as it is linked to the Valle del Cauca Compensation Fund - Comfandi where it provides its recreational services and the Vallecaucana Sailing League since its inception, which allows it to get the impulse of the sports process of its sports members. It has hosted several national and international regattas, including the 2014 National Sailing Championship. It develops the sport and art of Sailing through the promotion of competition; being immersed in the Comfandi Vacation Center, it has a privileged access to the water mirror of Lake Calima.

It is made up of contributing affiliates and mainly sports affiliates. Its Board of Directors brings together sailing members of different types of Sailboats, who are interested in supporting sailing as a sport and recreational activity, in perfect harmony with the development of tourism in Darién and its surroundings. Without a doubt, it is the best way to enjoy all the emotions that the natural environment of Lake Calima can provide.



Since our Foundation in 2012, we are determined to be the best vehicle to allow and stimulate the enjoyment of the natural wonders of Lake Calima. Through navigation as a sport and as a recreational activity, facilitating and stimulating the practice of other water sports, ecological, exploration, tourism and enjoyment activities that can enrich and make a grateful experience of all people arriving at the Lake.


As responsible for the sport of Sailing in our region, we intend to promote its practice and train new sailors not only in the techniques and arts of the activity and sport, but also in the values ​​that its practice carries, like the wind that drives us, making our determination come true.


Mission in the Year of its Foundation (2012) : The Club's mission is to support and promote the sport of Sailing both in the Initiation and Improvement phases as well as to promote recreational activity and healthy outdoors recreation. The Club is made up of contributing members, and mainly sports members.

Vision in the Year of its Foundation (2012): The Club Náutico del Pacífico aspires to become a reference Institution of the National Sports System (SND) through its Albatros Sailing School, its affiliation to sports associations and entities (Leagues, Federations, Colombian Olympic Committee and Coldeportes) and the certifications in the teaching of the sport of sailing from the Organizations that govern the sport worldwide (ISAF).

Nuestro Propósito


Arriving at Lake Calima and contemplating it is an experience in itself that cannot be described, due to the beauty of the panorama, the purity of the air and the tranquility that it infuses in the mind and spirit. Sailing and enjoying recreational and sports activities on the Lake is equally difficult to explain and completely impossible to forget: an experience that encompasses a lot, in a deep, healthy and natural way.


The Club offers facilities for the practice of water sports and the comfort of the Members: Social Headquarters with meeting rooms, Classroom, Reading Room, Restaurant and Cafeterias, lockers and dressing area, hangar and shipyard for the repair, storage and care of both boats and equipment for sports practices.

From different places in Valle del Cauca, all over the country and abroad, young people of all ages and families come to Lake Calima for sport or recreation.
The Club Náutico del Pacífico becomes your best ally to make wonderful experiences come true that will remain in your soul for a lifetime.

In addition to the many sports and entertainment activities on the Lake, the surroundings are a wonderful invitation for lovers of the outdoors and nature: restaurants, ecological walks, barbecue grills, horseback riding and many more, in an ideal climate that offers us absolute tranquility in direct contact with the water and the wind.

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