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It is the main sport  in our Club, where it is practiced in its different classes:


  • Optimist

  • Sunfish

  • Laser

  • Barracuda

  • International 420


Each of them offers different and enriching emotions, in their learning, training and practice.

As a national regatta headquarters, the Club always trains and welcomes new sailors.

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Kayaking is a variety of the sport of rowing that has very different forms of practice, depending on the boat and the place where it is practiced.

In the Club we have a fleet of Kayaks for members, guests and visitors, who are advised and guided by instructors for their sports practice, from the basic level, or for different more advanced and competitive levels.

stand up



Stand Up Paddle (Paddleboarding), known in Spanish as SUP, is becoming more and more popular around the world for its versatility. It is originally from Polynesia and was developed by Hawaiian surfers in the 60s: it is done on a board that is wider than the surfboard and with a paddle. It is a wonderful exercise that demands all the muscles and stimulates reflexes equally, in a low impact sport that is also super fun and relaxing.



Windsurfing has been for some years one of the most exciting and challenging ways to enjoy the waters with the practice of sport.

The continuity and intensity of the winds on Lake Calima allow sailors to always take advantage of the time to practice and train in their sport. The Calima winds have been praised by international competitors repeatedly.


At the Club you can also enjoy other activities such as water bikes, canoe rowing,  kayaking,  water and land tours, among many other possibilities offered by a region with wonderful surroundings to enjoy outdoors, in direct contact with nature.

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