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Partners and Benefactors

We are currently looking for Corporate Partners who are willing to "embark" with us to develop a true Regional Support Plan for Sailing that will benefit the youth of our neighboring Municipalities, regardless of their abilities.

Since 2017 we have received support from CELSIA for this purpose. This support allows the cohesion of the group of athletes, the maintenance of the Infrastructure (Headquarters and Teams) and the possibility of having a greater number of training hours.

We need your corporate support to allow us to expand our reach and improve the programs we already offer.

The Club Náutico del Pacífico is a young Non-Profit Entity, with Legal Status issued by the Government of Valle del Cauca in September 2012.

Our vision is clear and the numbers will continue to grow as we develop and improve the lives of children and youth through navigation.

Your support will help:
-Develop skills and capacities in young people so that they become responsible and valuable citizens

-Allow participation in navigation through overcoming financial, physical, learning, mental or social barriers.

-Provide opportunities in sports leadership and boating instruction and raising the profile of boating as a valuable educational and professional development tool.
We offer a wide range of branding opportunities to maximize your profile and your connection to our non-profit organization. Your brand will be seen on a wide range of communication platforms, including:

-Ships of the Sailing School fleet (20)
-Teams of the Club Náutico del Pacífico (15)
-Social media
-News releases
-Events including gala dinners, open days and boat shows

We can engage your team in other ways, by providing unique opportunities such as:

-Corporate conferences in our Sailing Center combined with navigation in the waters of our Calima Lake
-Motivational speakers
-Visits of Sports Ambassadors
-See the School in action: an opportunity for your team to interact with young people while they enjoy their experiences in the water.

We engage you and your teams by providing regular updates on the impact of your support and how it is enabling athletes to improve their lives by sailing.

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